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Paradise - The South Coast Of New South Wales

The south coast of New South wales has to be one of my favourite places to visit, anywhere, full stop. I have been coming here since I was a small boy and when I had kids, we had the most wonderful family holidays here too. So when we were still in Normandy planning our trip to Australia, the NSW south coast was one place I was especially keen to show Nathalie. 
There's much I could say but I think I will let the images do the talking. My dilemma was culling the images down to a reasonable number for the photo gallery. I didn't succeed very well!

An Epic Week Going South

March, 2018

One thing that blew us away was the amount of wildlife we saw, especially kangaroos. As a European, Nathalie was always enchanted to see a kangaroo in the wild but I think by the time we reached the Victorian border, even she was getting a bit blasé about them! The stingrays we saw were also pretty amazing, and big!!! Wherever the fishermen where cleaning their catches by a launching ramp, the rays would be gathered waiting for the scraps to be thrown to them. I couldn't help but think of Steve Irwin and his demise. 

The south coast of NSW is truly a magnificent place with beautiful coast, beaches, quaint towns and hinterland. If ever you get a chance, go and enjoy it too.

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Wednesday, 25 November 2020

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