For some reason, I have been to Jersey three times. Sure it's a nice place with it's own unique charm but still not quite sure why the multiple visits. The classic is the last time we went, Nathalie was sure we'd only visited twice but I was adamant this the third trip. My passport said three times. 

Anyway, what can I tell you about Jersey, one of the Channel Islands that are much closer to France than they are to England? They have bloody big tides there, it was occupied by the Germans during WWII and potatoes are the biggest crop. Oh, and it's where Jersey cows come from. ‚Äč

Jersey and St Hellier, The Channel Islands

Sep, 2015, Jun 2016 & May 2017
It really is quite a charming place though. You can see the French influence every where with most of the streets having French names. The country roads and narrow lanes ways are pure England though. The main town of St Hellier could be main street anywhere in the UK though. Same shops and outlook of the people. They do have their own currency though - the Jersey pound!
Is it worth a visit? Absolutely, I'm just not sure whether you need to visit three times!